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Falck commits to advance sustainable healthcare though Science Based Targets Initiative

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Falck commits to advance sustainable healthcare though Science Based Targets Initiative

Falck works ambitiously with advancing sustainable healthcare solutions and therefore committed to the Science Based Targets initiative. With this commitment Falck will define CO2 reduction pathways in line with the Paris Agreement goals.  

For several years Falck has worked with reducing climate impact from its fleet and transition from fossil fuel to electrified fleet. Falck now takes another huge step forward to drive transition to more sustainable healthcare. With the commitment to the SBTi, Falck widens the scope and will also set ambitious CO2 targets for Falck´s indirect emissions (electricity, heating etc.) and for the value chain e.g. purchased services and medical consumables.  

Climate changes and global health are highly interlinked, as climate change is the single biggest health threat, according to WHO. Currently, growing demand for healthcare outweighs the supply of healthcare professionals and healthcare systems are under pressure. Looking ahead, WHO predicts a shortage of 18 million healthcare workers by 2030. Falck sustainability journey strives to advance sustainable healthcare while reducing our climate impact.

Changing healthcare services
Falck will not just look at how existing services can be delivered in greener ways, a large part of the sustainable journey is about changing the way services are delivered and preventing unnecessary hospitalisations and transport to ensure a more optimal utilisation of health workers vital competences. E.g., if we can treat people at home instead of driving them to the hospital, it will improve patients wellbeing and at the same time reduce carbon emissions. 

“I am very excited about to our commitment. Climate change and global health are indisputably linked, and as a responsible healthcare service provider, we are dedicated to developing new and more innovating ways of delivering healthcare solutions to people in need. This will not come easy, but I am confident that our professional and engaged employees will be able to drive this change,” says CEO in Falck, Jakob Riis.

Advance healthcare in four parallel tracks

Falck works with advancing sustainable healthcare in four parallel tracks; Performing existing ways of working in a more climate-friendly way, finding smarter ways of working, seeking new technologies and solutions to transform the way we approach services and patients. 

Falck’s sustainability strategy and four ways of working with advancing sustainable healthcare are described on the Falck.com 



Om Falck

Gennem mere end 100 år har Falck samarbejdet med kommunale og nationale myndigheder med henblik på at forebygge ulykker, sygdom og nødsituationer, at redde og hjælpe forulykkede og nødstedte hurtigt og kompetent samt at rehabilitere syge og tilskadekomne. Dette har gjort os internationalt førende inden for healthcare, ambulancetjenester og brandberedskab.

Falck har i dag aktiviteter i 26 lande og har omkring 25.000 medarbejdere.


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